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It’s 2021. I put up a post about brand shoot availability, and Jaime (a complete stranger at this point) comments that she wants more info. “Sweet!” I thought. We got on a call, she immediately books a shoot, and then decides to come to PA to work with me. From a gorgeous resort town in […]

Meet Jaime O’Connor: My Client, Mentor, and most importantly, Friend

A few months ago, I was deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado completely disconnected from the world.  No cell service. Juuust enough access to Wi-Fi to check in with the fam once a day.  And although I was there to work and share my gift of allowing women to be fully […]

What facing imminent death has taught me about life…

If I never would have said yes to my dreams, How many of my clients would have never said yes to theirs? If I never would have taken inspired action and created my Mastermind, How many of those women would still be spinning their wheels, feeling stuck in their lives and business? If I never […]

If I Never Would Have Said Yes

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