Shannons speaking and interactive workshops motivate women to reach their next level of success through proven mindset techniques and practical advice for implementing change in their lives. 

Audiences regularly light-up at the ah-ha moments and feel into their deepest emotions as she shares relatable, yet impactful stories, strategies, and advice.

 Bringing Shannon into my Facebook community to talk about the ONE questions that will change your life and business was so impactful! I’ve got a handle on strategy and systems (that’s my jam!), but if our mindset isn’t ready to take action then all the strategy in the world won’t support our business growth! Mindset is one of my weaknesses (I have a lot of limiting beliefs) and I turned to Shannon to provide relatable (and yet actionable) advice to my community. She delivered a fantastic workshop that allowed us to walk away feeling so inspired, like we could do anything we needed to do to grow our business. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur, you need to hear Shannons message.


I wanted to send a gigantic thank you for the amazing workshop you did for my group coaching. We loved learning about branding, visibility and more importantly we absolutely loved hearing your message about standing out and owning our stories. It was incredibly inspiring to hear about your journey and the overall message that the group took away was to embrace who they are, what they have been through and embracing their stories to help others. We all walked away from the presentation feeling like we can do anything. SOOOO MOTIVATING! Its truly inspiring to hear from you because while maybe our stories aren’t the same you hit on all the things I felt in my not so bright days and made me feel like I can overcome anything! I can't wait to hear even more from you in the future. You are such an incredible, genuine and strong courageous soul and I am really grateful for you!


 As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, shannon is a sought-after international brand photographer for million dollar brands, mentor, and coach for women entrepreneurs who are in transition to their next level of success.

Shannon's brand photography has been published in Forbes, Business Insider, on the jackets of NYT bestsellers, international magazine covers, and more.

She has spoken at Brave Visibility in NYC, Central Penn College Women’s Leadership Event, Women’s Retreats in La Jolla, and has been a guest expert on many Masterminds and group programs from top leaders in the coaching industry.

Shannon's credentials include
over 15 years of successful entrepreneurship,
Certified Life and Success Coach,
Certified NLP Practitioner,
Certified EFT Practitioner,
and Certified Hypnotherapist.

She is a mom to 4, fiance to 1, beach lover, conversation starter, and eternal optimist!

The ONE sentence that can change
your business and your life.

Through overcoming many hardships, Shannon has recognized the mindset work she does can be boiled down into ONE sentence. By sharing her story of overcoming extreme adversity, your audience will walk away feeling inspired and empowered to make lasting, positive change in their lives.

Setting goals the SMARTer way

Setting goals the SMARTer way!
Most people know how to set SMART goals, and many times they fail at reaching or sustaining those goals. In this presentation, find out how you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to finally reach (and sustain) those life-changing goals!

Your Unforgettable Brand™

Your personal brand is the foundation to a successful business. Learn the 3 C’s of building Your Unforgettable Brand™, and practical steps you can take to get it out into the world. And when Imposter Syndrome strikes, learn how to overcome those thoughts so they don’t hold you back!

All programs will be customized
to fit the needs of your audience.

shannon is able to present on a variety
of other topics such as:

mom guilt
work/life balance
how to have a successful brand photoshoot
the entrepreneurial journey 

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