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It’s 2021. I put up a post about brand shoot availability, and Jaime (a complete stranger at this point) comments that she wants more info. “Sweet!” I thought. We got on a call, she immediately books a shoot, and then decides to come to PA to work with me. From a gorgeous resort town in […]

Meet Jaime O’Connor: My Client, Mentor, and most importantly, Friend

I wasn’t going to go. I didn’t want to go. Which may sound utterly ridiculous because HELLO…. I’m literally getting paid to travel to a beautiful tropical resort for my dream job.  And, I honestly have never struggled so much with going on a work trip before. Or any trip. I love my husband. I […]

Flourish Baja Retreat

Friends, I am on the struggle bus. FRFR Changes are happening, and no matter how much I internally kick and scream and desperately try to hold on… nothing will stop them. My kids are growing up. My oldest is about to move out, and my youngest just stopped nursing this week. My loved ones are […]


A few months ago, I was deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado completely disconnected from the world.  No cell service. Juuust enough access to Wi-Fi to check in with the fam once a day.  And although I was there to work and share my gift of allowing women to be fully […]

What facing imminent death has taught me about life…

If I never would have said yes to my dreams, How many of my clients would have never said yes to theirs? If I never would have taken inspired action and created my Mastermind, How many of those women would still be spinning their wheels, feeling stuck in their lives and business? If I never […]

If I Never Would Have Said Yes

Jenna Faith is a sought-after online business strategist. Read all about her brand photoshoot day with Shannon in LA and Beverly Hills!

Jenna Faith’s Photoshoot in LA

LA Brand Photoshoot

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